Bicycles have been used for centuries to help carry load, worldwide. From Dutch milk vendors to Italian icecream, cargo is not new to the bicycle, but it has evolved into the 21st century with some awesome funky transport solutions.

Old fashion cargo bicycles 21st century style

We have the B’s for your Cargo: Bullit, Butcher or Bakfiets

Hand Code Foundation


Designed by carpenters in Copenhagen to enable them to get their tools to worksites without traffic jams or parking hassle. This fast bike can carrier the load and get you there fast.

Hand Code Foundation


The old fashioned Dutch Style Bakfiets, but buzzed up with some batteries to easily roll through the streets. Easily personalised and ready to stand out at any farmers market.

Hand Code Foundation


The only tilting tricycle out there! Making it so easy to manoeuvre around corners, that it feels like a normal bike, almost that is, as this unique set of wheels can be enjoyed by you and the kids.


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