The Team

The AvantiPlus Blenheim has provided wheels for the community for over 30 years. Pretty impressive! It couldn’t be done without the effort of all the team members.

teamwork |ˈtiːmwəːk|

It is amazing what you can accomplish, if you do not care who gets the credit

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The King Head Mechanic

“Thank you, thank you very much!”

You will be saying this repeatedly when our “The King” mechanic has fixed up your ride, ensuring you will role along silky smooth. Trust me, if the King can not fix your ride it’s probably time to consider a new set of wheels. He is that bloody good

Magic Mike Mechanic

“Another bloody Jafa”

Barricade Blenheim!, as the Jafa’s keep pooring down south. We are very keen with this Auckland arrival that we baptised “Magic Mike” who offers cheesy smiles, lots of chit chats and of course your required mechanical works.
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Mr. Shop Shop Manager


Is there seriously nothing out there that this man hasn’t read up on? If you are looking for the latest, craziest thing, fat chance he knows about it. Wide product knowledge with a love for customer service, he is the man to help.

Chanelle No. 5 Retail Super Star

“Gotta love her”

Like No.5 this lady is an absolute notorious gem. Her name is engraved into the business, as she knows all her customers, takes the time to have a chat and is the homely go to with all your requirements (or gossips).
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The GrassHoppers Helping Hands

“Young & Eager”

Remember those days when you had an abundance of energy and felt you could take on the world? If that was too long ago, then swing by and have a chat to these 2 young ones, they will freshen up your teenage swing.

Miss Money Penny all about paper


Everybody has one of those “friends”, the ultra tidy, OCD, “do we really need to invite her as well?” kind of person you rather stick in a cupboard. We have one as well and stuck her into our filing cabinet to do our accounts: Problem solved.
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Attention Shopaholics!

Our crazy team members have a weekly juicy deal for you! Wanna know who’s turn it is this week? Check out our Facebook.


AvantiPlus Blenheim
61 Queen Street
Blenheim 7201
New Zealand


Phone: 03 578 0433
Fax: 03 578 0433
Mob: 027 364 9028


Monday - Friday : 08.30 -17.30
Saturday : 10.00 - 14.00
Sunday: Closed
Bike Rentals: call 027 364 9028
7 days between 08.00 - 19.00